Sheet Music

Through a curious combination of circumstances, the sheet music inventory of Thomas Musical Instruments now exceeds our competition. To paraphrase Satchel Paige, had we'd known we'd become a volume dealer of sheet music, we'd have taken better care of ourselves.

For you musical scholars out there, we have a full assortment of Urtexts from G. Henle Verlag and other sources. Just learning an instrument? In the Method Books section we have the Standard of Excellence series, as well as Essential Elements. Want to get deeper into the technical and expressive potentials of your instrument? Check out our Etudes and Solos section.

Finally, a word about our bins. Most of them came from a competitor who went under a decade ago. Once we acquired them, we felt it was our obligation to load them up with interesting music.

It's all well and good to shop online, and we do it, make no mistake about that.

But there's nothing quite like the voyage of discovery that you can take by visiting us at our west side location and riffling through the bins.

We may develop the capability to order through the web, but for now we're strictly brick & mortar for the sheet music. Come on down to the store!
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